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A Timer Question, please help

Discussion created by Sujith Nair on Sep 20, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2006 by Jeff Smith
When I designed my hardware, I made a gigantic mistake and routed all the Port-T Pins to receive data from an external ADC. Now I want to use the Timer (bummer, i know...)

The documentation says that if I disable the Timer, it will revert back to I/O ports. Here are the doubts I have:

1. Will it automatically revert to the settings I initially configured the I/O port with after I enable, use and then disable the timer?

2. Please Verify: I am using the Timer as Output Capture and all I have to do to disable the timer and give back control to the Port to function as I/O is set the bit "TEN" of "TSCR1" = 0. Is that correct?

3. Can I disable the Timer by making "TEN" of "TSCR1" = 0 from within the Timer Interrupt routine? I tried that, but it was still constantly interrupting the timer until I disabled the Timer Interrupt.

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