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Re: MC1321x problems

Discussion created by Kirit Basu on Sep 19, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2006 by Kirit Basu
I am at exactly the same place with my board. I suspect though that my problem is because of the older SMAC software I'm using (it wasn't MC13213 aware), I'm going to try running the newer SMAC4.2 library, hopefully that one has the correct pin assignments for IRQ, CLK etc.

Another problem I have though is that my board uses the older folded dipole antenna (with separate tx and rx), and not the CT_BIAS for the antenna switch. Has any one used the SMAC4.2 against this configuration? (I hope its as simple as undefining the ANTENNA_SWITCH variable!)

BTW rpourzia, where did you get the KDS DSX-321G from? I've been pretty unsuccessful getting that part from the usual (avnet,future,digikey etc, in the US)