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MC1321x problems

Discussion created by Reza Pourzia on Sep 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by florian fereyre
I have designed a new board based on the MC13213-SRB. After I populated a few boards I have the following problem: The BDM correctly sees the MCU and allows me to program the flash. When I program the flash with any of the SMAC applications using MC13213-SRB as target, BDM is happy and when I selec run, it says STARTIN, and then RUNNING. But I don't see any output from CLKO and none of outputs from the internal regulators have any voltage.

With my first board, I suspected a solder short under the chip. Howver, I built a few more boards and I ohmed all the adjascent pins and now I am conviced there are no short as it would be a strange cooincident to have the same solde problem on several chips.

I also suspected my crystal which is KDS DSX-321G. But I have used these successfully with MC1312s. I have also checked the capacitor valuses with LCR meter and they are close to 6.8pf.

Even if I have a defective crystal, I should see the 32KHz signal on the CLKO before I switch to the external oscillator. But I don't see any output.

So far, I have only tried using the standard SMAC apps such as the wireless uart and range plus demo. I have not tried going inside the SMAC source code and stepping through the initialization.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to diagnose and fix this problem.