Help - My AW32 spoiled twice

Discussion created by Sany on Sep 17, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2006 by Sany
I will be very appreciate if anyone could troubleshoot with me. I using this AW32 S08 MCU with 5V. The whole PCB with this AW32 was working fine. It just suddenly spoiled for no reason. And it happend twice for two of my PCB. I didn't run this MCU for more than 10 minutes everytime. Assuming there isn't any short circuit problem. No over voltage. I believe is the hardware circuit problem. I double checked all the pins and voltage everything look fine. Any other reason that can cause a MCU spoil? My PCB has these loads: GLCD, max232, max485, MC7805T, 4xEEPROM 95256, DS1305, buzzer, 16MHz crystal, relayand a EM card reader module. Thank you in advance.