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Coldfire: fastcall or equivalent declspec to pass parms by register

Discussion created by Todd Lindberg on Sep 12, 2006
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I'm using the CodeWarrior for Coldfire (6.3 build 14) for my C code and would like to know if there's a fastcall keyword available or some other equivalent __declspec parameter that I can use to indicate certain functions should pass their parameters by register rather than pushing them on the stack.
I know there's a global optimization flag to enable passing by register, but I don't want to use that. I only want to optimize certain functions this way by specifying them explicitly in the function declaration.
I noticed that __fastcall seems to be a keyword, as its color is blue in the IDE.  However, when I specify __fastcall in a function declaration, I get a syntax error at compile time.
   long __fastcall Plx_lSwapBytes(long Value);
Is there a list of valid __declspec parameters somewhere?  I searched the documentation and could not find anything specifying what __declspec's are available.

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