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Latest ColdFireLite demo firmware supports serial flash

Discussion created by Eric Gregori Employee on Sep 8, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2007 by Richard Tenney
I posted the latest ColdFire Lite firmware about a month ago.  If you were at FTF,  and took my ColdFireLite class you allready have the code.
This latest code adds support for serial flash.  Using serial flash you can have up to 4 Megabytes of web pages, all updatable over ethernet.
I also re-wrote the flash file systems API to support mutiple flash file systems.
The project includes a sample SPI driver, and IIC driver.
The Freescale HTTP server supports:
Up to 4 simutaneous connections,
Keep alive,
3 flash file systems,
web page uploading over ethernet using port 80,
Dynamic HTML
and its all free and public source.
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