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Coldfire: How to use MSL?

Discussion created by Roberto Dario on Sep 4, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2007 by Mark Butcher
I'm quite new on embedded 32 bit programming and Freescale CW tools.
I'm using MCF52235 with onchip flash and ram.

Starting a project with "coldfire stationery" I can see a lot of wasted memory for MSL ".a" files
(even with "smaller code size" optimisation at maximum level).

Starting a new blank project (without all the "printf" of stationery), if I want to call the "malloc" function
I have to add "C_4i_CF_SZ_MSL.a" that waste about 28K of code and 7K of data.

1) Is it normal or am I making any mistake?
Should I avoid the ".a" file and manually include the source I need from "{Install}\E68K_Support\msl\MSL_C\MSL_Common\Src"?

2) Is there a list describing the functions included on each ".a" file?
Should I discover them opening the ".mcp" projects on "{Install}\E68K_Support\msl\MSL_C\MSL_E68k\Project" ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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