Neil Devlin

Problems compiling sample project for MC52235

Discussion created by Neil Devlin on Aug 30, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2006 by James Williams
  I have the MC52235 DEMO board, and using codewarrier V6.3 that comes with it, I am trying to compile the free project that demonstrates the TCP stack,from NicheLite (project called coldfire_lite) from freescale web site.
I have tried to build it but got the following error (many times throughout the code):
***** Error received ****
Error   : unexpected end of line
(included from:
stdarg.68k.h line 20    #if __CFM68K__ 
**** Source ****
#if __STDABI__ || __REGABI__
 #define __va_start(parm) (__std(va_list)) (&parm + 1)
 #if __CFM68K__
  #define va_arg(ap, type) (*(type *)((ap += sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U) - (sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U)))
  #define va_arg(ap, type) (*(type *)((ap += sizeof(type) + 3U & ~3U) - (sizeof(type))))
 #define __va_start(parm) (__std(va_list)) ((char *)&parm + (sizeof(parm) + (1U) & ~(1U)))
 #define va_arg(ap, type) (*(((type *) (ap += sizeof(type))) - 1))
Anyone any ideas how to solve this?