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NE64 OpenTCP example without Serial Monitor

Discussion created by Jeffrey Dungen on Aug 29, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2006 by James Williams

I have the NE64 development board and have successfully modified the supplied Connector_app code to achieve what I need to do (simple UDP packet send). This was achieved by communicating via the serial monitor.

Now I'm using a P&E USB Multilink to try to program the same code via BDM. It seems I've wiped out the monitor program on the development board, and the code does not run correctly. I keep running into ILLEGAL_BP (breakpoints). I'm assuming that this is because the monitor isn't there anymore to jump the uController to the right _Startup location.

I don't want/need a monitor anyway, so I made a new project using the CodeWarrior wizard, which just blinks some LEDs. I was able to program this just fine and achieve the desired result. The wizard produced a rather different .PRM file which changed the memory map.

The final step: getting my old OpenTCP application to work in this new project. I included all the files from my initial application into this new project and it compiles and flashes fine. However, the code does not run correctly and the PC always ends up at some crazy address, generating an Illegal Breakpoint.

I've tried playing around with the .PRM file to get things working. The biggest problem I see is that the project wizard gave: RAM = READ_WRITE 0x0400 TO 0x1FFF;
The old .PRM file had: RAM = READ_WRITE 0x3200 TO 0x3FFE;
But if I set the RAM to the latter location, the code doesn't even seem to start at the beginning of main() and it's one illegal breakpoint after another.

I'm sure that there are some other memory placements defined outside of the .PRM file, and I'm having a hard time finding them and figuring anything out. The following two things would help me out ENORMOUSLY:

1) Finding an existing bare-bones OpenTCP application that has the memory all sorted out so that I can program it into monitor-free NE64s.
2) Learning what memory conflicts and such I have to resolve to get my existing project working.

Thanks in advance for any help! If you want to see code, just let me know. :smileywink: