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MC9S12DG256B vs. MC9S12DG256  differences (i.e. Port T)

Discussion created by Darrin Kohn on Aug 29, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by Darrin Kohn
We were using an 9S12DG256Bcpv and had no problems.
Now we have to buy the 9S12DG256cpv (since the B part is obsolete) and find the PORT T bit0 &1 do not output.
DDRT = 255;
for (; ; )
PTT = 0;
asm nop;
PTT = 255;
asm nop;
if you read PTIT reg it shows 3 when PTT = 0
I dont use any of the timer/capture registers.
please help.