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MC9S08 non volatile trim register

Discussion created by Neil Palmer on Aug 29, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by Neil Palmer
Hi all.

I am using codewarrior V3.1 with a Softec programmer. In the processor expert bean for a MC9S08QG8CPB I have enabled "initialize trim value" and the default non volatile trim value locations are FFAF and FFAE. These values are loaded into the trim locations 3A and 3B when my program starts. My problem is that the trim values are actually being programmed into FFBE and FFBF instead of FFAF and FFAE. FFAF and FFAE remain blank, so when my program starts, it loads FF into the trim value and my bus freq is way out. Now if I go into the processor expert cpu bean, and change the trim value save locations to FFBE and FFBF, everything works fine. Looks like an error in the bean or something. Is anyone else having this problem with the QG8 ??.