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MC9S12DP256 interrupts with Noice in BDM

Discussion created by Sebastien Euphrasie on Aug 25, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2006 by Sebastien Euphrasie
I'm using a HCS12 T-board of elektroniladen with a MC9S12DP256 on it.
I'm using ICC12 6.16A as a C-compiler and Noice as a debugger with a ComPOD12 PRO.

Using Noice in BDM mode works perfectly well, as long as I'm not using interrupts. But when I try to use them (timer interrupts for instance), instead of jumping to the interrupt-subprogram it bugs (the PC usually go to 0002 or something like that).

I believe that BDM uses the place where the interrupt vectors are located (FFFF and above). I thought that vectors were automatically relocated somewhere at the end of the RAM (3E00 and under) and that all I had to do was to put my interrupt-subprogram address there, changing the file "vector.c".
I did that (I even put the address everywhere at the end of the RAM in case the interrupt vectors where not relocated exactly where I thought) but it is still bugging.

Has anyone an idea?