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2 Timerinterrupts with HC908QY4A; Wrong Time?? Beginner-Problem?

Discussion created by Sebastian Mojado on Aug 24, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2006 by Sebastian Mojado
Hi all
(:smileyhappy: my first post)
I tried to program two timer interrupts.
Busclock 3.2MHz
Timer 0 : 16us (15.938us)
Timer 1 : 4096us (4095.958us)
I use Codewarrior / Processor Expert.
If I only program Timer0 with 16us (Timer1 unused), the InterruptTimer0 comes every 16us, which is ok.
BUT if I use Timer0 with 16us AND Timer1 with 4096us the InterruptTimer0 comes every 20'480us??? (Timer Interrupt 1 comes every 40196us as I wish)
Why 20480us, not the wanted 16us??  BTW: 20480us is 5 * 4096us!
Please Help me! 
I am new to 8Bit-Programming/Codewarrior.
With Regards