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Ethernet sending data

Discussion created by Oren Lavi on Aug 24, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2006 by Johnny Karlsson
I am using the ethernet.
I am using the "fec_send" function that in the "fec.c" file.
When i called to this function it send the data twice . why is that?
The function:
static int fec_send (NIF *nif, NBUF *pNbuf)
 /* If data length of the frame is too long or short, reject */
 if ((pNbuf->length > nif->mtu) || (pNbuf->length <= 0))
  return FALSE;
 /* Adjust the length by the ethernet header size */
 //pNbuf->length += ETH_HDR_SIZE;
 /* Set Frame ready for transmit */
 pNbuf->status |= TX_BD_R;
 /* Mark the buffer as not in use */
 /* Indicate that there has been a transmit buffer produced */
 /* The hardware will mark the buffer as empty once it's transmitted */
 return TRUE;