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trying TCP/IP for the first time

Discussion created by Luis Moreira on Aug 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by Luis Moreira
Hi All,
I am looking at adding TCP/IP and ethernet connection for my projects and I need some advice.
probably I will use the uTasker OS but would also like a standalone TCP/IP stack if possible.
I was going to try the NE64 but it seems it is not recommended for new designs, so I would like to hear from you about this and if there is a replacement.
finally can you guys advise me on a cheap no frills board for me to try this out. I found a demo board for the NE64 in farnell which is affordable (£48), but if the NE64 is on the way to be obsolete it may not be worth it.
thanks in advance for any help.
best regards