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Incomplete MCF52235RM (Rev. 1 06/2006)

Discussion created by John Ulyate on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2006 by John Ulyate
We are in the process of porting Forth (SwiftX) to the MCF52235. The reference manual is incomplete with omissions, obvious errors and inconsistencies. I have been able to fill some of the gaps looking at the flood of code generated by CodeWarrior 6.3


1. The latest published reference manual ( MCF52235RM (06/2006, Rev 1 )) is a mess, specifically Appendix A. There are entire address ranges missing. And in the main body of the manual, there are conflicts, errors, and omissions. Tables 15-13 and 15-14 (Interrupt Sources) are full of errors. There are duplicate EPORT sources (and there is no EPF0 !!) in 15-14.

2. The chip status is Active and the RM is still preliminary! Is there a less-preliminary version?

3. I have made a comparison between the header files created by CodeWarrior 6.3 ( which was shipped with the M52235EVB ) and the register addresses from the manual and it seems the CodeWarrior people worked from a different manual than the one published on your web site. I cannot help to wonder what inside source the CodeWarrior people used. It surely was not this manual!