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Bizzare Codewarrior problem

Discussion created by Robin Davis on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2006 by kenneth wikeroey
Hi to all.
I have written some simple code that is giving me some weird results.
I am using Codewarrior ver 5.5.1272.
The code has 2 main parts. A 1ms timer and a main function.
Here is the main function:
void main(void){  /*** Processor Expert internal initialization. DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE!!! ***/  PE_low_level_init();  /*** End of Processor Expert internal initialization.     ***/    DDRB_BIT6 = 1;      // set portB bit 6 to output (light outout)  DDRB_BIT7 = 1;      // set portB bit 7 to output (status_led)  DDRA_BIT6 = 0;      //set portA bit 6 to input  gate_open_flag = 0; light_on_delay = 20;  while(1)    {          if(light_trigger==0)             //  trigger turns on light      {        counter_1sec = 0;        Light = !Light;        while(light_trigger==0 && ( counter_1sec < 4));    //wait for button to be released or 4 sec to pass                  //TIE_C0I = 0;             if(counter_1sec < 4)                   // button not held down , light on - TIMED          {            timeout_flag = 1;     //enable timeout in 1ms timer module            status_led_mode = 0;          }          else                        // button held down , light on permanently          {              //flashes status led (x) times            status_led_mode = 1;   //set led to flash-- delay 2 sec-- flash            timeout_flag = 0;                }                     while(light_trigger==0);      }//---------------------------------------           if(gate_open_flag && Light == 0)  //gate turns on light for delay time      {         counter_1sec = 0;        Light = 1;       }            if( counter_1sec > light_on_delay && gate_open_flag)      {        gate_open_flag = 0;        Light = 0;      }      //---------------------------------------              }

What happens:
The variable counter_1sec is incremented in the 1ms timer every 1000ms. Light_trigger is mapped to portA bit 6.
When light_trigger is held low one of 2 things happen:
If it is held low for less than 4 seconds the IF part of the if..else statement executes. If it is held low for longer than 4 seconds the ELSE statement executes. Everything works fine up till here.The   //TIE_C0I = 0;   instruction turns off the 1ms interrupt. I put this in there to help me step through the code with the debugger (P&E USB multilink )without continuously jumping to the timer interrupt.
The main problem happens on the line:   " status_led_mode = 1; " in the ELSE statement.
Before this line the value of the status_led_mode variable is 0.
After this line executes the value is 5 , not 1 as you would expect. I have stepped through this code many times with the same result.
Now if I change the instruction to "  status_led_mode = 2;  " or any number  other than 1 it works correctly.
Any idea what may be going on here.
I have noticed that the assembler that is generated is different if I use the value 1 as opposed to any other number . 
It looks like the compiler is performing some sort of optimization somewhere.
I have tried creating the project from scratch with Processor expert (all default settings) with the same result.
Any help appreciated as I'm really stumped.Cheers