Warning - Code Warrior can destroy your MMEVS

Discussion created by bigmac on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2006 by Mark Cukier
I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience!
I have a MMEVS comprised of M68MMEVS05PFB (1994) base module, and EML08QY (2002) emulation module. This has been successfully used in conjunction with the P&E debugger program for about three years, for HC908QT/QY target devices.
I recently attempted to use the MMEVS in conjunction with the CW 5.0 debugger (used as a stand-alone utility, and not via IDE) - I had previously used the debugger only in simulation mode.
When I first selected MMEVS mode within the debugger, there was a flurry of data activity, as indicated by flashing of the LED on the MMEVS.  I was then presented with an error message that the file "firm0508.mon" did not load, or could not be found, even though this file was located in the directory specified.
All subsequent attempts to communicate with the MMEVS now fail, whether using CW or the P&E debugger. Connecting a terminal emulation program directly to the MMEVS generates nothing after power-up - I would expect some sort of "banner" message to be displayed.  It appears that the existing MMEVS firmware has been erased by CW.  No prior warning was given by the program that a firmware upgrade was needed, and that this would automatically occur.
A request to Freescale support has been less than helpful - with the response "it sounds like your firmware is corrupted or damaged", and that I would therefore need to purchase a new MMEVS - (contrived obsolescence??).
Does anyone know what steps are necessary to re-instate the original MMEVS firmware, as I would expect that this should be possible?  After this experience, I have nil confidence in using Code Warrior - what other hidden "updates" might it attempt?