Bill Blaire

Monitor Mode 68HC908QY2

Discussion created by Bill Blaire on Aug 18, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2006 by David Payne

Description: I am trying to establish communication with the new low pin count part, trying to get it operating in monitor mode so that I can program it. I am using the same hardware and software that I have been using for the 68HC908SR12 part which we have been using for years. I have not had any success. Conditions: I am providing a 9.8304MHz clock into osc1 pin 4, 5V to VDD pin 1, VEE pin 16 to gnd, PTA1 pin 12 to 5V thru 10K, PTA4 pin 5 to gnd thru 10K, PTA0 pin 13 is digital I/O, connected /IRQ pin 9 to the higher voltage required for monitor mode, RST pin 8 to 5V thru 10K and am using "PROG08SZ.exe" software. Please review and let me know if you see a problem. I have gone over my connections verifying against the data book several times and am about out of tricks. Thanks so much for any help.