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Three Questions about TBDML

Question asked by Zhang Yafan on Aug 18, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2006 by Daniel Malik
             I have made the TBDML with JB16,and I use CodeWarrior3.1 to devolop my project.If I make the project,and press the "debug" button,it can load my .s19 file to the flash successfully,and then I can use the command such as go,halt,step...,but I can't the "load" and "Flash" command.

            When I press the "load" button,the message "load failed" appear. But if I close the True Time debbuger and press the "debug" button again,it can load the .s19 file successfully.Why?

           When I press the "Flash" command,I can erase the select flash block,but when I want to load
the .s19 file. Nothing happened and no message box appear,the Flash is still blank.
           When I read the JB16 firmware.I am confused by the Rx and Tx speed table.
const unsigned int bdm_tx_sel_tresholds[]=
  {914/2,     1129/2,    1335/2,    1541/2,    1747/2,    1952/2,    2157/2,    2465/2,    2877/2,    3288/2,
   3800/2,    4418/2,    5136/2,    6059/2,    7189/2,    8524/2,    10066/2,   11814/2,   13867/2,   16988/2}; 
void (* const bdm_tx_sel_ptrs[])(unsigned char)=
  {bdm_tx1, bdm_tx2, bdm_tx3, bdm_tx4, bdm_tx5, bdm_tx6, bdm_tx7, bdm_tx8, bdm_tx9, bdm_tx10,
//new values for tics as the JB16 CPU is 2 times faster
const unsigned int bdm_rx_sel_tresholds[]=
  {853/2,     1101/2,    1347/2,    1592/2,    1837/2,    2202/2,    2694/2,    3303/2,    4042/2,    4897/2,
   5998/2,    7346/2,    9055/2,    11257/2,   13952/2,   17919/2};

Where the figures in the bdm_tx_sel_tresholds  and  bdm_rx_sel_tresholds tabel come from ?.Are they measured by someone? How to  measure it?