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LCD 4x16

Discussion created by Francisco Hernandez on Aug 16, 2006
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I need connect an LCD 4x16, hitachi compatible, with HC908QB8 and works fine at 8 bits mode, but, I want connect it in 4 bits mode, but in this conditions the display don't work (display is blank), with the variables
#define LCD_8BIT          0x10   /* LCD de 8 bit                                    */
#define LCD_4BIT          0x00   /* LCD de 4 bit                                    */
used in line ( LCDinit () )
LCDWr(0x20|LCD_8BIT|LCD_2LINE|LCD_5X11); /* Mode 8bits, 2 lines, 5X7 pt */
I can change 8 or 4 bits mode, so in line
#define LCD_DATA_OUTPUT 0xFF    /* Pins to use in LCD (0xFF 8bits / 0x0F 4bits)               */
in theory, must be works fine but doesn't.
attach the code, hope somebody can help me.