Brian Graham

Unable to configure USB Tap for use with 56F8014 Eval board

Discussion created by Brian Graham on Aug 15, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2006 by Brian Graham
I am trying to get the USB tap working with my target (56F8014 Eval board) with little success. I have installed the USB tap driver and the TX/RX LED is flashing green about 1/sec with power applied. I have attempted to change the CCS.CFG line to "config cc usb" and when I load that particular CCS (from the CCS file "Load Configuration") I get a red "invalid parameter" reported back in the CCS window. If I use the line "config cc lspusb" I don't get the error but it won't run either. I would try the parallel port connection but don't have a pc with that port available to try. The entire CCS.CFG I have is ;
delete all
config cc usb
config port 41475
but as I mentioned above it won't accept the "usb" parameter (It will accept the parallel:2 parameter also).
Any suggestions.