jenny roma

the problem of s12xdp512's external oscillator

Discussion created by jenny roma on Aug 13, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2006 by Steve Mcaslan
now i have a problem ,
when i use usb mutilink BDM load codes into cpu, i found the codewarrior 4.5 tells me that the cpu works at 1.48M,when i check the regesiters and found it works in SCM mode.
the crystal wave seems not too nice when i use oscillograph determine the crystal pins.
even i didn't use the way, the external oscillator i use is 8M,two capacitances value is 18pf and 22pf. the parallel conection resistance is 10M.
anyone can tell me what the problem is ?
is the oscillator circiut correct?
best wishes