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MC9S12DP256 C Flash Lifetime

Discussion created by Timothy Bolbrock on Aug 10, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2006 by Steve Russell
I am programming a simple robot for research use using the MC9S12DP256C. The only specifications I can find indicate the flash lifetime as 10 cycles / 15 years. I also find vague information that you should be able to cycle the flash much more than 10 times, only losing the 15 year retention, but nothing that makes me feel sure enough to actually go and do it without confirming first. These robots would be reprogrammed often as research progresses or as they are used for different projects - I am providing the basic motion/communications/sensor platform for others to write applications for. Since the users will be in a position to reprogram the robot at any time data retention is not really an issue unless it gets down to something absurd like 2 hours. This would be at room temperature conditions. Am I correct in my idea that the flash can be reprogrammed hundreds-thousands of times without breaking down?



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