Darrin Kohn

SPI 0 port not working with new 9S12DG256CPV, but does work using 9S12DG256BCPV part

Discussion created by Darrin Kohn on Aug 10, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by rajendra patil
I have been using the 9S12DG256BCPV part for some time now and have had no trouble.
We just received a shipment of 9S12DG256CPV parts since the "B" part has become obsolete.
This new 9S12DG256CPV (0L01Y mask) part will not work (i have tried 5 parts so far), and I traced it to the SPI0 port. I use SPI0 as a Master with SS turned off (I control the chip select myself). The clock never operates when I send a byte.  The same exact code works perfectly in a 9S12DG256BCPV (1K79X).
Please help