Trevor Switkowski

5213 problems...debugging and printf

Discussion created by Trevor Switkowski on Aug 9, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2006 by James Williams
Hi everyone,

I am working on my senior project, and have asked this of the tech support at freescale...they told me to re-write everything from scratch..and read all of the technical data sheets for codewarrior. my problems are that I can no longer debug this project over the BDM cable, in sram. I try using the 'console debug' target, but when i try to run the debugger, i get a bus error when it tries to call uart_init(). Also, i cannot use the printf function (it just doesn't do anything...skips over it?), and i know that it does in some of the files i have downloaded from freescale (this is for the M5213EVB, with some peripherals added on). i doubt i will get help here, because I have asked this question before, but i'll give it a shot. I have attached my project files, and hope to hear back from someone soon!