Lars Beerbaum

Run Timers (PWM) in Stop Mode when Debugging ?? (Dev.Tool Codwarrior v.7.3 56F800)

Discussion created by Lars Beerbaum on Aug 4, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2009 by Greg Dumond
Perhabs somebody can help me with my issue.
I am using the USB TAP with Codewarrior v.7.3 for debugging the 56F8014 on the final hardware. The hardware is an DC/DC converter. The FET's are driven by the PWM outputs.
Everything is working fine. But when debug is running i want to stop it and look after some values (voltage and current) stored in a struct.
Now here is the main issue: When I stop the debugging the PWMs are also stopped. Because of the hardware i must take care, that PWMs (Timers) are  also running  in stopped mode. Is there a possibilty to set this feature somewhere in the settings?