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CW HC(S)08 5.1 - New Project wizard

Question asked by Andrew Glossop on Aug 3, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2006 by CrasyCat
Some feedback on the new project wizard.

I really hate not being able to add multiple files with the otion "add existing files to the project". That is, you need to select them individually.

What I'm used to, is being able to do multiple file selection. Perhaps a button for "add existing files", which would use a standard Windows dialog for open/save files. Usign the standard dialog gives you access to the date/time as well as file type.

The current embedded explorer view is quite lacking. You can see what file types they are (.c or .h), you can't see what the date/time is, as well as not being able to select multiple files. Typicaly, I'd like to be able to select all files in a folder, but you can't do that.

The CW IDE is quite nice. Vastly superior to what I'm trying to migrate away from. But there are quite a few things I think it's lacking. Most of them are basic features, and really not difficult to include.