Codewarrior debugging error

Discussion created by SIMON HUTTON on Aug 1, 2006
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While trying to debug some software on a target board codewarrior is now giving me the error "CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to stop process" when I attempt to break the program, I then have to use kill thread and hence lose all my debug information.  

I am connected to the the target with a parallel port Wiggler, which used to work fine. I have changed wigglers, power supply, and parallel cable with no luck.

This now seems to be a permanent problem, which I can't get around, as far as I can tell the code is not running as no data is output from the unit under test and no breakpoints can be hit.

The version of codewarrior I am using is

The only help I can find on the forum is something to do with earth loops, but as nothing has changed on my set up why has this now occurred?