PlugIn License for CW Special Edition?

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 1, 2006



i have the MCF52235EVB and CW Special Edition. The CW Special Edition have a 128KB Codesize limit and 32 files per target limit. My Project have less than 32 files an only 40 KB Codesize, but the IDE shows me the following error when i try to compile:


Error : Unable to use the plugin "Metrowerks C/C++". It is licensed and a valid license key was not found.


Invalid host


The hostid of this system does not match the hostid


specified in the license file


Feature: Win32_ColdFire_Compiler


Hostid: 00300585e7d9


License path: C:\Programme\Freescale\CodeWarrior for ColdFire V6.3 -




FLEXlm error: -9,57


For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,


available at "


What can i do to compile my project?