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DSP 56f8367 clock problem ?!

Question asked by Matis zanaboni on Jul 28, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2006 by Matis zanaboni
Hi all,
I have this problem:
I program my DSP with USB TAP (ldm Internal memory: pROM-to-xRAM) and all work properly, but when I reset the DSP by a Power off something happen.
When I power on the DSP it works but it seem works with a different time extension like if the clock period is altered.
To explain better:
I introduce a delay, of 1 second, in a simple cycle.
It works with this delay time till I switch off the power.
When I switch on the power the time delay, that was of 1 second before, now take about 15 seconds... how could it be?
I'm not using the procesor expert, but simple C code wrote all by myself.
I think it's not a hardware problem because I create a similar procedure with processor expert and it works properly also after a power on reset.
If someone know any possible reason / solution ...