Chris Chelmecki

Dual FEC problems/CF5485

Discussion created by Chris Chelmecki on Jul 27, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2006 by Chris Chelmecki
I am having trouble getting both FEC's to operate at the same time. Both work independently, but when I startup FEC0, then FEC1, I don't get
data received on FEC1. FEC0 is assigned DMA channel 2,3. FEC1 is assigned DMA channel 4(rx), channel 5(tx). The FEC1 transfer seems work properly, but when the server responds I never get an interrupt from the dma. FEC1 is also reporting rx overflow errors. All four dma channels used for the fec are low priority(1), but I have tried setting them higher. I am basically using the drivers from freescale. Any thoughts on what would cause problems when both FEC ports are operating? I am using an AXIOM eval board(for a Coldfire 5485).