Jim Mood

56800/E USB TAP debugging on a JTAG chain

Discussion created by Jim Mood on Jul 27, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2006 by Alban Rampon
I have submitted this question to Freescale support and they have ignored me for an entire week and now I understand why they have no telephone support.  I suppose if they don't know, no one else here will but I'm getting desperate. 
How do you configure the debugger to work on a JTAG chain with other devices in the chain?  In the project settings, in the debugger->remote debugging panel, click on Edit Connection (with USB TAP selected)  A dialog appears with a "Multi-core debugging" checkbox and a "JTAG configuration" file edit box. 
What is the file format for the JTAG configuration file?  It would be awesome if the wrote that down in the User Guide somewhere, but hell if I can find it.  Anyone know the answer? Buler? Buler?