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BootLoader - timeout

Discussion created by Jiri Janaceek on Jul 26, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by Jiri Janaceek
I use Embedded Bootloader 5.00 (part of Test Tool v.9.1), but I can´t load the application into mc9s08gt60 (as part of ZigBee pack - mc13193 evaluation kit). Bootloader gives me these messages: "Timeout waiting for download firmware to complete!" or "Timeout waiting for s19 start transfer to complete!". There´s no option to change timeout value. I try programming through UART, USB and BDM (I know the whole flash is erased while BDM programming, so MAC and bootloader too)- the same (bad) result. What can be wrong? It´s problem with hardware?
I try load program into micro with P&E USB Multilink. This loader said me: "that loading was complete", but there´s no activity of micro.
Can somebody help me, please.

Thanx, Iggy
btw: sorry for my "English"