Jeff Schoenhals

ATD module on HCS12DP256 Overflow Error?

Discussion created by Jeff Schoenhals on Jul 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2006 by Processor Expert
I am working with an HCS12DP256 processor.  The application that I am writing requires that an interrupt be generated by the ATD module completes 1 conversion on all 8 of its channels.  I used Processor Expert to configure the ATD module.  Processor Expert had a tool tip on the "conversion time" attribute that stated that if the conversion time was set too short, that it may cause the system to overflow.
I've tried looking for information regarding error conditions on the ATD module, and I have not found any information on it.  Does anyone out there have any information on an ATD system overflow?
The reason I ask, is that occassionally, it looks like the ATD module is triggering an interrupt continously.  When I increased the conversion time, it stopped doing this.
Thanks. :smileyhappy: