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ZigBee Stack and Timer

Discussion created by Pietro Secundo on Jul 26, 2006
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I have a problem with interaction from ZigBee and Timer2 on the HCS08GB60.I have develop application on "Wireless Dimmer" to module light intensity with a TRIAC TIC206M, with TPM2C0 in input capture to decect the zero crossing signal for 230V 50Hz power net.For every impulse capture the TPM2C1 is started to port PTC0 ON,for 60microsecond on the Gate of the TRIAC. The problem is that the ZigBee Stack Figure8ZStack V1.2.2 don't responde to other node's on  the network when the input capture command is fired from other node with afFillAndSendMessage.
I task that micro controller is engaged to satisfy the demands for TPM2C0 and C1 and does not succeed to satisfy the demands for stack the ZigBee concurrent.  How I can resolve the problem?  Someone has some suggestion?  Excused for my English