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How fast is the speed of BDC clock for MC9S08GT16CFB generally?

Discussion created by Ji junli on Jul 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2006 by Ji junli
I am trying to make a BDM for MC9S08GT16CFB.
I use the demo borad of DSP56F901A60 as BDM.
after I sent SYNC signal to target MCU(MC9S08GT16CFB),
I might receive low pulse from target MCU.
I use the counter in DSP56F801A60(also use internal clock source.IPbus =30MHz.Primary Count Source of counter is IPBus clock divide by 1) to measure,
the result is 0x3c9. so the speed of BDC = 0x3c9 / 128 = 7 IPBus clocks.
I suspect whether the speed of BDC is real fast like above???
if fast like above, it is very difficult to program for DSP56F801A60 to simulate the timing of BDC communication.  because the cycles of some instructions are usually 2,3,even 6 IPBus clocks, it will product big error :-(