Paul Porter

Timer Link for MSCAN on GZ16

Discussion created by Paul Porter on Jul 25, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2006 by Michael Rhoades

Has anyone had any trouble with the Timer link for the MSCAN module on the GZ16.

I am setting up Timer 2 Channel 0 as an input capture timer and setting the TLNKEN bit in CMCR0. I have checked that it is definatly set using debug later on in my code. The capture registers remain at 0 even though I am receiving valid CAN packets.

The Timer is still receiving its signal from the port pin instead of the MSCAN module. If I wiggle the port pin the timer will capture, but no captures take place on Reception of a CAN packet.

Is there sometihng I am missing?
I know the Timer is running and Capture mode is enabled but I cannot get it to capture on MSCAN reception instead of port pin rising edge.
Does anything else need to be done besides setting TLNKEN in CMCR0?

Any advice would be greatly appreicated