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FSLBot + CodeWarrior  "CODEFIRE Protocal PE Adaptor-NO USB Connection found"

Discussion created by Nimit Hongyim on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by Antonio Quevedo

Hi there,

I Got FSLBOT 2 Days ago purchased from Digikey.  Follow instruction to try on Robotsee and tested work as expected everyting functioning for USB - Host program.

FSLBOT ran on the host program is not the thing that I want, I want to program the robot and ran by itself as the Arduino Concept with extra MPU power like TWR board.


I downloaded Code Warrior V7.2 and installed it then try to follow instruction and it seems that can't connect at all even I can see the USB OSBDM JTAG  from WindowXp hardware profile (pic attached) but still cannot connect.


Is this the correct way to do the program to TWR board via CodeWarrior , I was thinking the same as MLAB in Pic MicroChip?


Robotsee is very easy to understand concept but I want the Robot can be free from tied up to the host.


Is this FSLBOT can do that?


Thank you in advance if anyone can stop by to give me some explanation, I try to contact FreeScale but they only give me the Ticket number and kept search around for 2 days now, no luck to find the good detail instruction any where,  I kind of disappoint that FreeScale did not have much of the clear detail to get thing start for new programmer for their product  and run easier.


Nimit- K6XOX