Nimit Hongyim

FSLBOT via CodeWarrior with OSBDM JTAG  need help

Discussion created by Nimit Hongyim on Aug 3, 2012

Hi There,

Recently, I got the FSLBOT  and  start to play with ROBOTSEE from EMGRoboting and it worked very good. But I just want to program direct to Robot and let the Robot Run without tied up to USB cable to Host.


Is that CodeWarrior debuging to loading program to FSLBOT Just like we did on the Arduino board to upload the program to the MPU. , Is that the same concept?


I did download the CodeWarrior V7.2 from FreeScale and installed then try to connect from the debug menu and it seems that can't find the USB OSBDM but I checked on Window hardware profile already there. The miniUSB plug-in at the Jtag (pic attached)


Anyone can help me with that?  I want to start to write something and then I can explore more the TWR-MECH board like anybody here :)


Thank you in advance if someone can stop by give me some advise.


Best regards,