K20 NTSC video input demo

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 22, 2012

Demo of NTSC video capture with the soon to be release TWR-TFC card




.)  This is a basic demo of an NTSC camera being brought in using the a Combo of the ADC,  port interrupts and DMA transfers.

2.)   I *ahem* overclock the ADC to 24MHz to get some extra resolution for a 64x64 pixel image (the first 6 columns are junk as they contain color burst data*)

3.)   I decimate the images to a few frames per second to send over the WIFI (the booster pack card I made) to a Labview program. The Kinetis can bring the data in a the same frame rate of the camera,  I just need to send much slower as there is some overhead in my communications scheme (ASCII text) and the WIFI is driven via a UART.

4.)   In reality,   I can get a 64 x 480 pixel image in memory as I pull in all the lines.   I just decimate the rows to get a 64x64 result on the labview display.

5.)   DMA does most of the work freeing up the CPU to do algorithms in the foreground.