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Basic TWR K70 Help for a Newb

Discussion created by C. Solomon on Jul 27, 2012
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So I'm a total newb to microprocessors in general and this website (I literally learned what one was month, and have very minimal programming experience), but for a project am working on creating a BIOS for the TWR K70. First things first, I got an LED to blink and tested the demo and read the giant reference manual, but have been attempting to get the UART, watchdog, and interrupts working. I've used the hello_world example that IAR provides for the K70 to help with the UART, but am having trouble figuring out why it's not working, and have very little idea where to begin for the watchdog and interrupts. I'm sure I will have more specific questions as time goes on, but for now, does anybody have any recommendations or advice on steps I can try to split up this intimidating task into, or how to better understand what's going on/general tutorials/anything?


(Bear in mind I'm actually proud of myself for even knowing what a UART is/I do no exaggerate when I say I had no idea what a microprocessor was a  month ago)


Thank you so much for your help!