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Discussion created by Jim Weigley on Jul 23, 2012
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Our company just purchased TWR MCF5441X KIT.

I inspected jumper settings on both boards to confirm default settings.
I assembled the TWR according to Quick Start instructions.
I connected Serial Port to my PC and activated HyperTerminal with the settings the Quick Start called for.
I plugged in USB and TWR powered up
U-Boot 2009.08 started but would not stop boot when I pressed a key and continued to boot Linux kernel but hung up part way though.

Pressing Reset PB on board had no effect.

I removed USB connector and re-checked everything.

Plugged USB in again and once more Boot started but this time it did stop and go into monitor when I pressed a key.

Pressed Reset PB and it worked again but after typing "help" a couple times and getting the proper response it hung up again and Reset PB had no effect.

This is a repeatable pattern of hanging up in the monitor or hanging up during the Linux load. It almost looks like a Time/heat thing. Never successfully booted the Linux kernel. Reset PB does nothing once it hangs up.

I’m ready to return it unless someone here is familiar with it and has a good suggestion.