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8560 PowerQUICC UPM configuration question

Discussion created by Dmitry Gorin on Jul 21, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2007 by Aravind Jois

I'm trying to configure and veryfy PowerQUICC UPM RAM, but I have troubles reading correct values back.
What's wrong with below initialization code?


0xFF030000 - address of target memory space (defined in BR1 register )
0x40000000 - address of memory mapped registers

static unsigned long UPMBTable[] = {0,1,2,3,....63}; //test buffer

// writing UPM array
*((volatile DWORD*)0x40005070) = 0x10000000;
for (i=0; i64; i++)
*((volatile DWORD*)0x40005088) = UPMBTable[i];
*((volatile DWORD*)0xFF030004) = 0x10000000; //dummy write

//reading UPM array back
*((volatile DWORD*)0x40005070) = 0x20000000;
*((volatile DWORD*)0xFF030004) = 0x20000000; //dummy write
for (i=0; i64; i++)
DWORD m, k;
m = *((volatile DWORD*)0x40005088);

// *((volatile DWORD*)0xFF030004) = 0x20000000; // If uncommented, still doesn't make the code work correctly
// k = *((volatile DWORD*)0xFF030004); //An attempt to make dummy read. Doesn't help either

I'm at loss, please advise.