k60 Flash loader reported an error

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 27, 2012

Hello Guys. 

I have been using K60N512 kit to program using mqx and it was working fine until recently . Now when i try to program flash it says Flash Loader reported an error. I searched for the problem and found that many users suggested this error means that the device has been secured.I have checked the contents of memory at 0x40C and its state is 0xFFFFFFE which means that it is in unsecured state . Now i dont understand if the device is in unsecured state then why doesnt it work.

I tried experimenting by erasing the contents of flash and found that this range 0x0 - 0xfffffff does not flash. when i try erasing this range it says flash loader reported an error. On the other hand this range 0x10000000-  0x13ffffff erases without any error. 

Does any1 know what might be wrong. Does it has something to do with flash range settings or what?