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Unable to program a K60 processor

Discussion created by Martin Honeywill on Jun 19, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

We have just bought a couple of Tower systems with K60 processor boards, we were initially able to connect to the systems using Rowley crossworks and the built in OSJTAG port. After trying to flash code to the K60 boards we seem to have bricked both processor boards. Neither can be detected by jtag anymore.


I'm wondering if something in the code has configured the cards to disable the JTAG ports?


Do anyone know if there is any recovery procedures available?

We have access to Rowley Crossworks and an eval copy of Keil with their uLink Jtag debugger


I see that the K60 chips have EZPORTs but am not sure where to get hardware to program these, it looks like this would be an ideal use for an FTDI cable and a bit of software but can find no reference to programming hardware on the web


We are very new to Freescale and Kinetis chips so please excuse these simple questions 


Any help or thoughts gratefully recieved