Larry Battraw

P1025 SDK?

Discussion created by Larry Battraw on Jul 15, 2012

I ordered and received one of the P1025 TWR boards from Digikey and was unpleasantly surprised to find no code at all on the DVD shipped.  Definitely no SDK, although there were empty directories like 'SOURCE' to tease you with.  All that was on the DVD were some HTML files and images as well as a few basic PDFs like the "user guide", a copy of the "getting started" pamphlet, and one or two others.  --Not very helpful for starting to develop software for the device/board.  Trying to download the 1.2 SDK for the QorIQ results in a prompt for a FAE engineer name and email, also not helpful.  Has anyone had any luck starting out in building applications for this board?  U-boot also seems to be partially broken since the usb commands always return an error about the low-level PHY and refuse to work.

As a side-note is sure would be nice to be able to boot from MMC or USB (or SATA, since I have a mini-PCIe dual-port SATA card that works great within Linux).  However the inability to build a kernel or valid rootfs does hold things up as well.