Thomas Payne

M52235EVB GPT and PWM usage, header missing

Discussion created by Thomas Payne on Jul 19, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2006 by James Williams
Is there a reason mcf5223_gpt.h is not included in mcf5223.h?  I assumed it should be there, added it, and proceeded to use MCF_GPT_  assignments to gain access to GPT0.  No Joy.
Maybe related, I am configuring PMW1 and PMW3 to generate signals.  I am getting these signals using MCF_GPIO_ assignmets.  A specific concern is the use of PWM (pin 99 PWM1,pin 100 PWM3) and Timers (pin 107, GPT0) at the same time.  I used the primary function setting for pin assignment.
 | MCF_GPIO_PTDPAR_PTDPAR3; //set for primary function
Is this proper to use both PWM1, PWM3, and GPT0 ?
I appologize in advance since I am totally new to embedded programming.