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K70F120M is such a pain!! ... BLINKING LED!!

Discussion created by Paa Paa on May 26, 2012

You guys might find this funny but am completely lost!

A semester( 3months) of C and MASM wouldn't be enough to master programming


I have tried to follow the blink instruction to also get my board to blink leds but to no success

can someone help .. in telling me what's wrong in the way i have written the codes ...

i have watched all the videos Hughes has posted and it's amazing how some people can be soo good at understanding all this codes and instruction.there are some basic things i understood but guess all the rest will come later..

programming for ARM isn't going to be easy. I still can't get CW to detect my TWR-k70

and i don't know if i should be asking this but anybody know where i can get a free arm C/C++ or assembly compiler ? 

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