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vector.c and the definition of the ISR

Question asked by Jacek Janusz on Jul 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2006 by CrasyCat

I wanted to create a timer ISR in my project for MC68HC908QL4. The CodeWarrior created the file vector.c where the entries for ISR addresses can be written. I did it but the program didn't work: the memory area for interrupt vectors hasn't been filled with the given ISRs from vector.c. Then I found that there is another file - project file ("Project.prm") and there can be created a new entry with command VECTOR and name of the ISR function. In this case the program was compiled correctly and memory for interrupt vectors was filled with the address of my ISR.
Then my question is: what is this file "vector.c" for? IMO it is practically unused now, because the compiler doesn't read the ISR vector data from it, but from the project file "Project.prm".

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